Citrix is opgericht in 1989 door Ed Iacobucci en is een Amerikaans softwarebedrijf. Citrix is marktleider in ‘application delivery’. WinFrame is het eerste echte succesvolle product van Citrix en nog steeds bekend om zijn ‘Independent Computing Architecture’ of ICA.

Bij Gourami is veel Citrix kennis aanwezig, en heeft een aantal producten ontwikkeld die de titel ‘Citrix Ready’ hebben gekregen.

Een overzicht van de functies in LTSR 1912

 Feature 1912 LTSR  7.15 LTSR 
 Virtual Windows Desktops (VDI)  yes yes
 Windows Apps / Hosted Shared Desktops  yes yes
 Virtual Linux Desktops yes yes
 Virtual Linux Apps / Hosted Shared Desktops yes yes
 Local Host Cache yes yes
 Zones & Zone Preference yes yes
 Workspace Environment Workspace yes yes
 App Layering yes yes
 Federated Authentication Services yes yes
 SCOM Packs yes yes
 MCS/PVS Acceleration yes yes
 Enhanced Graphics (NVIDIA,AMD, Intel) yes yes
 Browser Content Redirection yes yes*
 Compliance (508, Common Compliance, FIPS) yes yes
 Citrix ITSM adapter for ServiceNow yes yes
 Varying DPI Settings / Multi-Monitor yes 
 H.265 Code Support yes 
 Windows 10 Continuum (Citrix Hypervisor only) yes 
 Office 365 User Layers yes 
 Application Dashboard (Director) yes 
 Unified VDA (3D Pro & Standard) yes 
 Session watermarking yes 
 Workspace Experience Theme (StoreFront on-prem only)  Tech Preview  
 Webcam compression for 64-bit yes 
 Linux Adaptive Transport, SmartCard, NVIDIA SDK & Keyboard  yes 
 App Probing and Reporting yes 
 Intuitive Webcam Plug-n-play yes 
 Progressive Display Enhancements yes 
 Faster Smart Card login performance yes 
 Battery Status Visibility in Virtual Desktops yes 
 Machine Creation Services for Linux app and desktop VDAs yes 
 App-V support for Dynamic Configuration files yes 
 Support for Windows Server 2019 VDAs yes 
 Optimized web-based Microsoft Teams and other WebRTC applicationsyeswith add-on
 NVENC and H.265 with Serverbased published applicationsand desktops  yes 
 Application launch limits per Server VDA yes 
 Desktop launch limits per Site yes 
 Redirect encrypted mass storage USB devices with Server VDAs yes 
 File transfers larger than 4GB with Client Drive Mapping yes 
 Linux VDA SmartCard certificate certificate mapping yes 
 Virtual Display Layout yes 
 Graphics Status Indicator yes 
 DPI Matching yes 
 Local Text Echo yes 
 Up to a 5x improvement in file copies with Client Drive Mapping yes 
 Intelligent Throughput Enhancements yes 
 Multiple Restart Schedules for a Single Delivery Group in UI yes 
 Windows Ink in Citrix Virtual in Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops yes 
 Docking & Undocking via RemotePC yes 
 SSL Print Job Encryption from VDA to Citrix Universal PrintServer (UPS) yes 
 Windows LSA Protection yes 
 Copy & Paste from Virtual Session to Local Endpoint and Vice Versa yes 
 MCS Write-back Cache v2 yes 
 Citrix Cloud Delivery Controllers to Session Recording yes 
 Linux VDA Fast Smart Card Support yes 
 Linux 18.04 Ubuntu Support yes 
 Linux VDA Display in Director yes 
 Citrix Optimization for Microsoft Teams yes 
 Workspace experience with Two-Ractor Authentication yes 
 Desktop Probing and Reporting yes 
 Onboarding on-premises sites to Workspace Analytics yes 
 Time Zone Redirection yes 
 Role-Based Access Control in Session Recording Player yes 
 Seamless Copy/Paste from Chrome Workspace App Client yes 
 Linux VDA on Google Cloud Platform Support yes 
 Printing Support in a Linux Virtual Apps Session yes 
 Gemalto Smartcard Support for Linux yes 
 Support for Catalog Tags yes 
 AMD Hardware Encode yes 
 Enhanced Logging Capabilities to Session Reliability yes 
 Windows Virtual Desktop Preview Support yes 
 Phase II Session Recording Player RBAC yes 
 Linux VDA MCS Enhancements yes 
 Linux VDA Re-Auth Enhancements yes 
 Linux Protocol Info in Director yes